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Register your Blockchain address on the catabira platform - start monitoring transactions and reveal business insights

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- Introducing the catabira platform -

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Visualize transactions

Register your address on catabira and visualize transactions and balance on the Blockchain platform. Registration is simple - with just a few steps, start monitoring and reveal business insights.

Get notifications

Receive notifications and alerts of your based on customizable thresholds. Event notifications are a configurable Webhook that the catabira platform will post to when certain events happen to your address.



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Takahiro Ikeuchi

Takahiro has worked in several tech startups including ALBERT Inc where he led development of a big data analytics platform as Executive Director. Ethan specializes in application development with Python, Go and React, and also has experience in blockchain and big data technologies and web design.
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Naochika Hanamura

Naochika worked as an engineer at R&D team in Deloitte Tohmatsu where he worked on crypto currency audits and led development of an analytics platform for blockchain. Earlier in his career Naochika worked as a software engineer / consultant with Future Architect, Inc.
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Tomohiro Nakamura

Prior to joining catabira inc as CTO in Mar 2019, Tomohiro was CTO at AnyPay and led development for payment solutions and ICO/STO businesses. Earlier, he ran his own business Wekids and worked in Electronic Arts and Goldman Sachs. He loves Kotlin the most.
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Research Engineer

Yuji Mori

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Senior Engineer

Testuya Tim Morimoto

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