Meet The Team

Chief Executive Officer

Takahiro Ethan Ikeuchi

Ethan has worked in several tech startups including ALBERT Inc where he led development of a big data analytics platform as Executive Director. Ethan specializes in application development with Python, Go and React, and also has experience in blockchain and big data technologies and web design.

Chief Blockchain Officer

Naochika Hanamura

Naochika worked as an engineer at R&D team in Deloitte Tohmatsu where he worked on crypto currency audits and led development of an analytics platform for blockchain. Earlier in his career Naochika worked as a software engineer / consultant with Future Architect, Inc.

Chief Marketing Officer

Sae Matsuoka

Sae started her career at a software engineer, and during her time at Digital Advertising Consortium Inc., an online ad agency, she led product development of ad serving platforms and DMPs. With this, she joined Google Japan and works with large advertisers as a technical consultant.

Research Engineer

Yuji Mori

Yuji started his career as an engineer at NTT DOCOMO R&D center. After leading product development related to information retrieval and recommendation, he joined a project team to establish a machine translation company named Mirai Translate, Inc. He is now lent out to the company and works as product manager of neural machine translation engine.